Quality of service monitoring

The QAL Group is committed to providing quality customer service at our airports.  The Gold Coast and Townsville Airports both participate in the Airports Council International (ACI) Airport Service Quality (ASQ) benchmarking program. QAL also conducts passenger surveys annually at its three airports.

ASQ Surveys


The ACI ASQ aims to be the world’s best airport customer service analysis and benchmarking program. ASQ monitors the opinions of thousands of passengers at departure gates around the world. The survey is conducted year-round and is based on a standard questionnaire that covers 31 key service items.


QAL participates in the ASQ research because it offers a world benchmark and best practice in monitoring service quality.

ASQ is a benchmarking tool for airports to test consumer satisfaction levels across a range of services and operations.  The main program has more than 180 airports participating and is designed for airports which require regularly updated information on their service performance for operational and strategic decision-making. More than half of the world’s top 100 airports participate in ASQ.

Every month, at all participating airports, departing passengers are interviewed about their on-the-day experience. All airports use the same questionnaire and methodology. Every year, over 220,000 passengers are interviewed for the ASQ Survey.

The program offers quarterly results providing insight and comparisons with service performance of airports all over the world.  The wide range of ASQ participants allows each airport to select an appropriate benchmarking panel.    Each airport is then benchmarked against its peers to give an indication of performance standards versus other ports.

QAL uses the ASQ program to track performance of specific criteria against investments made in improving services.



QAL Passenger Surveys

Terminal based, quantitative passenger surveys undertaken annually at Gold Coast, Townsville and Mount Isa Airports.  Passengers are surveyed via face-to-face interviews and the sample includes passengers for each destination and travelling on each of the airlines.  The surveys are conducted across a week at each airport and an external market research agency is contracted to run this survey process.

The quantitative passenger survey identifies passenger feedback on their terminal experience, new route development and potential developments the airports’ are considering.

In addition we hold qualitative focus groups annually at both Gold Coast and Townsville Airports; and conduct ad hoc online surveys with our database of local passengers’ at all three airports.

QAL shares relevant information with our airline partners to assist with their route development and growth into Gold Coast, Townsville and Mount Isa Airports.

QAL also has dedicated staff resources of a Research Manager and Marketing Analyst employed to run the research program for the QAL Group.  The dedicated research budget is in excess of $200,000 per annum.