Townsville Airport

Townsville Airport is North Queensland’s regional hub, welcoming over 1.6 million passengers annually. Townsville’s industry make-up is diverse, providing a sustainable economic environment for the region. The airport is a jointly shared facility with the Department of Defence.

Townsville Airport has played a significant role in the growth of the aviation sector in the North Queensland region, and is home to the Northern Australian Aerospace Centre of Excellence (NAACEX). This unique project will develop an aero-hub, housing a cluster of aerospace and support industries that will service both commercial and defence clients. Townsville Airport has strong ties with the community sponsoring events across the tourism, culture and education sectors.

Townsville’s industry makeup is diverse, providing a sustainable economic environment for the region. Being home to one of Australia’s largest military bases, major seaport and mineral processing plants have sealed Townsville’s continual growth and success.

Townsville Airport Milestones

Since QAL acquired Townsville Airport in 2005, the following significant milestones have been achieved:

  • Growth in annual passenger movements from 670,673 in 2004 to almost 1.6 million in 2010.
  • The airport has seen continual year on year passenger growth.
  • Mining boom kicked off in 2004 – seeing a dramatic acceleration in passenger numbers.  Townsville also became a major port for the fly-in, fly-out mining employment sector.
  • In 2006 a general terminal upgrade took place to improve and modernise the terminal.
  • A complete runway overlay costing at $20 million was completed in July 2006.
  • A terminal refurbishment, adding new check in counters, the upgrade of concessionaires and new carpet was finished in February 2007.
  • $2.7 million upgrade of the airport’s main car parks and taxi pick up areas in 2010.
  • Work on the North Australian Aerospace Centre of Excellence (NAACEX) project commenced in 2007 with a view to accommodating a variety of aviation-related businesses, including housing the Australian Defence Force Chinook and Black Hawk helicopters and opening a dedicated aircraft maintenance facility including a state-of-the-art aircraft paint shop (for aircraft up to B737and A320 size).
  • BAE Systems moved into the NAACEX precinct in 2009.
  • Townsville Airport became a major sponsor for Townsville Enterprise Limited (TEL) and has since taken on additional sponsorships including North Queensland Tourism Awards, the Townsville Visitor Ambassador Program, and Aviation High Studies Program with Townsville State High School.
  • In February 2017, Tigerair Australia announced a direct return service from Townsville to Melbourne operating four times weekly from June 2017.
  • Townsville Airport facilitates busiest January on record in 2018, with 128,906 people passing through the terminal.

The Destination

Townsville is North Queensland’s regional hub. Townsville’s industry makeup is diverse including: a major military base, seaport, mineral processing plants and a large portion of North Queensland’s government administration is managed at Townsville. This has provided a sustainable economic environment for the region.  Townsville is also growing as a tourism destination.  Townsville Airport’s passenger mix is evenly spread between business and leisure, providing year round market stability. Townsville’s inbound tourism market is growing as the destination develops.

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