The QAL Way

Our Vision

Engaging customers, connecting communities, exceptional experiences.

Strategies to deliver our vision


  • Growing market share
  • Developing our non-aero business
  • Focus on cost and yield


  • Continually measuring and enhancing customer service quality
  • Upgrade facilities
  • Range of products and services


  • Sustainable activities
  • Collaborating with the community
  • Economic drivers in our regions


  • A common mission
  • Supporting success and being accountable
  • A diverse, skilled and capable team


  • Capacity management
  • Safe and secure places
  • Efficient and effective operations

The QAL Way

The ‘QAL Way’ is at the heart of our organisation and the foundation of value creation throughout our airport and aviation support businesses.

Regional Investment Focus

QAL is a regional airport specialist.  Our focus is to create significant regional airport development in Queensland. Our track record in passenger growth and financial management is matched by a sustainable investment in airport infrastructure.

Sustainable Growth Philosophy

Sustainability principles are central to QAL’s business strategy. We adopt a triple bottom line approach to all our activities, balancing financial results with our hands-on community and environmental involvement.

This is demonstrated through our sponsorship investment, which spans community based events and initiatives (including the Townsville Ambassador Program and the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary Animal Hospital) to major events attracting inbound visitation to benefit the state-wide tourism industry (including the Gold Coast Airport Marathon and Mount Isa Rodeo).

QAL’s environmental objective is to maintain community and government confidence in our ability to manage and grow our operations by demonstrating a genuine commitment to environmental stewardship. It is our policy to assure the environmental integrity of our operations and facilities (both aviation and non-aviation) at all times.

Each airport has employed a strategy that reflects their unique environment. Strategies are continually being updated as our natural elements evolve.

Partnership Approach

We are committed to an integrated partnership approach to business development and marketing, working cooperatively with the local tourism industry and airlines. Our partnership approach is based on three core principles:

  • Local approach and understanding
  • Empowered local management
  • Strong community engagement

Passion for Innovation

As a group we are passionate about finding innovative ways to achieve sustainable passenger growth that will not only benefit shareholders but also the regional communities we serve, our environment and business partners.

A highlight of the group’s innovation strategy is the Northern Australian Aerospace Centre of Excellence (NAACEX). Located at Townsville Airport, NAACEX is the hub for aerospace industry in North Queensland.



QAL has a focus on our people. We Invest in talent and provide a pathway for the development of our people and give them opportunities to succeed.