QAL and its individual businesses continue to be recognised as responsible employers and community members through ongoing consultation, sponsorship and employee services.

The ‘QAL Way’ is at the heart of our organisation and is the basis by which we create value through our airport businesses. We are focused on regional investment and growing the regional areas we serve. We are committed to a sustainable, triple bottom line philosophy through a local management approach.

At QAL we understand that we have obligations and responsibilities to the communities we serve, the industries we are part of, the environment in which we work, and to our shareholders.

Community Engagement

QAL has demonstrated our strong commitment to community consultation and will continue to take a proactive approach to communicating with our local community as well as our local, state and Federal Government representatives.

At Gold Coast Airport, our established Airport Noise Abatement Consultative Committee (ANACC) has been a very successful conduit for us to communicate proactively with our local community, with a particular focus on noise abatement strategies.  We will continue to facilitate the Gold Coast Airport ANACC which focuses specifically on aircraft noise issues in the local community.  We remain committed to engaging with our local community and committing to a timely response to their concerns.

Community Aviation Consultation Committees

QAL has established Community Aviation Consultation Committees at the Gold Coast and in Townsville to help facilitate greater community consultation, particularly on planning and development activities on the airport.  These Community Aviation Consultation Committees are part of the Federal Government’s Aviation White Paper recommendations and subsequent Airports Act Amendment Bill.