Our sponsorship and community programs are aimed at forming active and mutually beneficial relationships with organisations and communities, not merely through financial support, but also through contributing and transferring skills, expertise, and knowledge.

QAL, through our individual airport brands in Queensland, is involved with many sponsorship activities and events across regional Queensland every year, ranging from small community-based projects to significant regional events and activities.

Recognising the integral role the community plays in our ongoing success, QAL continuously strives to be recognised as a responsible employer of choice and prominent community member through ongoing employee services, ongoing consultation and sponsorship.

QAL invests more than $650,000 each year in support of local community, business, environmental and tourism events in each of our regions, as well as Queensland-wide initiatives.

Some of the initiatives sponsored by the QAL Group include the following:

Queensland Airports
  • Queensland Tourism Awards
  • Age of Dinosaurs Museum
  • Winton Outback Festival

  • Gold Coast Airport Marathon
  • Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary Animal Hospital
  • Gold Coast Business Excellence¬†Awards
  • Tweed Business Excellence Awards
  • Cooly Rocks On
  • Bleach* Festival

Townsville Airport
  • Townsville Enterprise Limited (TEL)
  • Townsville Ambassador Program
  • Townsville Running Festival
  • Townsville Town Common Rejuvenation Project
  • Bay Dayz

Mount Isa Airport
  • Mount Isa Rodeo
  • Royal Flying Doctor Service

  • Vision Splendid Film Festival

Sponsorship Guidelines

QAL and our associated Airports receive many proposals for sponsorship. We have developed guidelines to assist potential sponsorship seekers when preparing proposals for our consideration. QAL carefully considers sponsorship proposals to ensure they meet its business, community and marketing goals and are within its sponsorship budget.

Through our decentralised structure with localised management at each regional airport, QAL ensures that its airports integrate seamlessly with the communities they service. If you are seeking sponsorship for a regional activity in an area serviced by one of our airports, please refer to the relevant airport website for the sponsorship policy and specific sponsorship criteria.

If you are seeking sponsorship from QAL specifically, please review our sponsorship policy, and ensure that any written proposals for sponsorship address the QAL sponsorship criteria.

Gold Coast Airport

Townsville Airport

Mount Isa Airport

Longreach Airport